The CAPI brand was born from a simple idea to produce clean, natural carbonated refreshments. In a world full of mass-production, CAPI wanted to defy the norm through its craftsmanship, quality ingredients and outstanding drinks.

Voted #1 Australian Mineral Water

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Available in 250ml bottles.

Made from the best quality Sicilian Blood Oranges, this fruit soda has a fine balance of both bitter and sweet. Using nothing but the finest botanical ingredients, it tastes 100% natural and is 100% natural.

Blood Orange

Available in 750ml bottles.

CAPI's all-Australian Ginger Beer is renowned for its unique spicy kick. Made from fresh Australian ginger and capsicum extract, this all-natural Ginger Beer has a crisp, warm finish.

Spicy Ginger Beer

Available in 250ml bottles.

An award-winning Australian Sparkling Mineral Water, infused with natural lemongrass and ginger extract. It gives a zingy yet delicate balance of citrus notes. Deliciously tasty, with none of the sugar or calories. A truly refreshing experience.

Ginger & Lemongrass Mineral Water

Available in 250ml bottles.

Known as the bartenders choice, this Tonic has a unique dry finish and a lower sugar content. Made from the best quality natural quinine, this Tonic Water allows the full flavour of your gin to shine through and be the hero.

Dry Tonic

Available in 750ml bottles.

Bottling in glass allows for the finest carbonation structure, making CAPI's Soda Water perfect for mixing. This purified pH neutral carbonated water partners with any liquor without adding flavour or impurities to the finished drink.


Available in 250ml, 500ml & 750ml bottles.

CAPI's Sparkling Mineral Water is bottled at the source in the Victorian Highlands. Every drop of water filters through mineral-rich rock formations and is naturally carbonated, adding a light effervescence and delicacy to the water.

Sparkling Mineral Water

Available in 250ml bottles.

CAPI's Cucumber Infused Sparkling Mineral Water uses natural extract to bring a hint of flavour without the sugar or calories. This thirst-quenching mineral water has a light effervescence and crisp cucumber flavour that also makes an unassuming pair with your favourite gin.

Cucumber Mineral Water

Available in 250ml bottles.

This isn't your ordinary cola. Crafted with a blend of malt extract, lemon, cinnamon, bark, clove and capsicum. This natural Cola has the right balance of citrus and spicy flavours. Perfect to drink by itself or mix with your spirit of choice.

Spicy Cola

Available in 250ml & 750ml bottles.

An award-winning, classic style tonic water that is made from the best quality natural quinine. Lifted with lemon, lime and orange essential oils, CAPI's Tonic has a delicate citric balance, perfect to bring out the true profile of your gin.


Available in 750ml bottles.

CAPI's Dry Ginger Ale is made from the best quality real ginger extract. Balanced with citric flavours from cold-pressed lemon oils, we are able to achieve the smoothest possible ale.

Dry Ginger Ale

Available in 750ml bottles.

Every drop of CAPI's alkaline water filters through mineral rich rock formations deep in the Victorian Highlands. It is naturally alkaline at pH8.5 - nothing added, nothing removed. It helps to provide optimum hydration and balance pH in the body.

Alkaline Still Water