The Honey Project

Sourced from the central regions  of Victoria, The Honey Project supports one family owned beekeeping business, who have been beekeeping for five generations.


The health benefits of honey are well documented with raw unpasteurised honey maintaining its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

About The Honey Project...

Available in 5kg buckets. We can also do larger quantities if required. Please ask us.

Messmate (or Stringybark Honey) has a rich, dark and bold flavour.

Raw Unpasteurised Messmate Honey

Available in 5kg buckets.​ We can also do larger quantities if required. Please ask us.

Yellow Gum is a lighter and more delicate honey. Its taste is sweet and floral.

Raw Unpasteurised Yellow Gum Honey

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Naked Nutz

"Naked" because Naked Nutz believe in food being natural and pure, raw and authentic. It refers to their spreads being free of artificial flavours, preservatives and - no nasty stuff!

"Nutz" because Naked Nutz are passionate about all things nutty! They love the goodness and taste of all nuts whether raw or roasted. Filled with natural goodness such as protein, magnesium, fibre and Vitamin E, nuts can enhance your health and well-being in all sorts of ways.

About Naked Nutz...

Available in 1.8kg tubs.

Natural Almond Tub

Available in 2.2kg tubs.

Natural Peanut Tub