Sourced from the central regions  of Victoria, The Honey Project supports one family owned beekeeping business, who have been beekeeping for five generations.


The health benefits of honey are well documented with raw unpasteurised honey maintaining its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

100% Victorian Raw Unpasteurised Honey

Now Available

Stock your shelves with the entire Honey Project family!

150g Yellow Gum and Messmate jars are now available. Perfect for the new customer who wants to give them a try.

Available in 150g, 400g & 700g jars.

Yellow Gum is a lighter and more delicate honey. Its taste is sweet and floral.

Raw Unpasteurised Yellow Gum Honey

Available in 150g, 400g & 700g jars.

Messmate (or Stringybark Honey) has a rich, dark and bold flavour.

Raw Unpasteurised Messmate Honey

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