Rosnay Organic farms organically  because it is possible. They are convinced that chemicals should not be used to produce food. They are not convinced that simply fermenting grapes magically removes chemical residues.

Organic Products... Because it's possible!

Available in 375ml (250g drained) & 500ml (375g drained) jars.

Traditional Black Kalamata Olives: Using natural Murray River Salt for the brine, the fruit pickles (ferments) over six to eight months before hand grading them to remove all of the over-ripe olives, with minimal oxidation and bottled with Murray River salt and organic apple cider vinegar.

Organic Whole Kalamata Olives

Available in 190ml (220g net) jars.

The ripest, richest olives which are separated from the bottling olives are made into an olive paste using a brush finisher which gently brushes the flesh from the seed and skin. It is then warmed up with a touch of rosemary, thyme and chilli, and then bottled without preservatives.

Organic Olive Paste

Available in 250ml bottles.

Whole, clean and fully ripe figs are gently poached in a syrup of organic raw sugar, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, Rosnay port (2%), cinnamon, and cloves. A small amount of syrup remains and is bottled.

Organic Fig Syrup

Available in 125g packs.

Whole, clean figs are boiled in a syrup of raw sugar, vinegar, lemon juice, Rosnay port (2%), cinnamon and cloves. The fruit is steeped in the syrup for up to a month before draining and allowing them to dry.

Organic Glace Figs

Available in 125g packs.

Whilst the Rosnay dried figs are a great fig product, they get even better when dipped in chocolate. Partnering with Canberra's best chocolatiers, these are now packed for your indulgence in 125g cellophane bags. Enjoy them now, before anyone else gets them!

Organic Chocolate Coated Figs

Available in 250ml & 750ml bottles.

This is Rosnay Organic's finest; pickled and pressed within 24 hours, gently settles and not filtered prior to bottling, to give it the richest possible olive flavour. A blend of primarily Corregiola oil with a smaller amount of Mediterranean oil, the oil has a nice peppery bite in the back of the palate. Ideals for salads, mayonnaise and dipping.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Available in 190ml (235g net) jars.

This delicious recipe allows the flavour of well ripened figs to stand out, without being overpowered by spices and added sugar. Ingredients are figs (all grown at Rosnay), 35% organic raw sugar, apple vinegar, lemon juice, Rosnay port (2%), cinnamon and cloves.

Organic Fig Preserve

Available in 250ml bottles.

This is more than another fruit vinegar fad product; its a delicious blend of Rosnay's own Fig Vinegar and a delicious certified organic, heritage-variety apple cider vinegar from Hazeldean organic orchard in Victoria. It is delicious on meats and salads.

Organic Fig & Apple Cider Vinegar

Available in 110g pouches.

Organically grown, shared with the birds, hand picked, sorted and carefully sliced, and laid out on racks for slow drying at less than 45 degrees Celsius. Try this pouch of premium organic figs, made to maximise the goodness of the fig all year round.

Organic Dried Figs

Available in 190ml jars.

Rosnay's aim is to help you to enjoy the indulgence of figs all year round, and they do this by picking the ripest, sweetest figs, poaching them in an organic spiced syrup and bottling the best, whole figs in the syrup of organic raw sugar, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, Rosnay port (2%), cinnamon and cloves. There are about five figs in a jar. Just one fig can really jazz up a cheese platter or for more indulgence have one per person for dessert.

Organic Figs in Syrup